Upstairs Gallery Chicago

You like Art? You like Performance? SO DO WE
Located in the thick of Andersonville, The Upstairs Gallery is a spot for creative endeavors of all kind!

Feel free to reach out for more information:

5219 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640

Applications for my class are due on Sunday


I’ll be teaching an improv performance class at Upstairs Gallery in June and July. This class is going to be awesome. I decided for this class that I should have an application process. I’m accepting applications until Sunday, then coming up with the roster by Tuesday.

Keep in mind that if I get enough people, I may open a second class on Sundays. So if you can’t make the Saturday class, but could make a Sunday one, please apply and note that in the application.

Feel free to send me a message via facebook or gmail (ircmullaney in both places) if you have a question.

Get on it people!

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