Upstairs Gallery Chicago

You like Art? You like Performance? SO DO WE
Located in the thick of Andersonville, The Upstairs Gallery is a spot for creative endeavors of all kind!

Feel free to reach out for more information:

5219 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640


Friday, August 29th - 8:30pm, Free (Donations Accepted) BYOB

The show that started it all. Who knew that booking 3 improv teams on a Tuesday night in 2011 at a friends Art Gallery would lead to so much? 

We’re happy to say that Sick Adventure will continue as a floating monthly show. Like it for more updates - SICK Adventure

This is the FINAL public show at the Upstairs Gallery - don’t miss out!


  • The Italian (hand) job’s - John O’Toole, Alex Trepka, Kristina Felske, Christina Boucher, Andy Junk, Jen Burns
  • Bucks - Ingrid Walla, Tyler Parker
  • Jagleheart - Alex Honnet, Walt Delaney, Caitlin Stephan, Tim Lyons, Kyle Chorpening, Bethany Schreck
  • DeaDMNK - DMNK and dead$$$ mashup
  • with The Apple Cap players (music)  - Tyler Parker, Kevin Knickerbocker, Lindsey Smith

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Jangleheart! Thank you’s!

Jangleheart Circus: Under the Sea is in the books friends. Hope everyone who attended/performed enjoyed themselves. On behalf of Walt Cait and myself we wanted to thank you all for being there. Some larger thanks we need to dish out as well.

JHC producers:

  • Kyle Chorpening
  • Tim Lyons
  • Bethany Schreck


Jimmy Barrett, Jude Tedmori, Erin Thorn, Maggie Jo Saylor, Mike Klasek, Elise Jordan, Mary Caterine Curran, Erin Kay Van Pay, Allison Ringhand, Ingrid Walla, Chandler Goodman, Dan Meisinger, Christina Boucher, Mary Cait Walthall, Danny Groh, Alex Trepka, Matt Barats, Ryan Ford, Jenn Burns, Ben Kirberger, Tyler Haberman, Vince Portacci, Trevor Leander, Alex Hanpeter, Sarah Cowdery, Rosie Moan, Kyle Miller, Emma Pope, Laura Bloechl, Dan Shar, Richard Kallus, Jay Berger, Susan Glynn, Ashley England, Mike Kelly, Rob Grabowski, Steph Cook, Cydney Asher, Ryan Asher, Josh Poe, Tyler Parker, Kristina Felske, Mary Beth Smith, Maggie Winters, Tim Lamphier

Everyone at the Den Theatre! Ryan, Jamal, Shelly, Julian, Jen and anyone we are forgetting!

All the teams that came from out of town! THANK YOU!

See you guys next year!!!!!!


Tonight! UG’s Choice!

Thursdays August 7th, 14th, 28th - 8pm, Free (Donations Accepted) BYOB

It’s the last month for Upstairs Gallery at 5219 N Clark St.


Wait tho! The three proprieters are booking out a special run filled with teams/ideas/shows that they’ve loved/wished they could see!

Hey that’s pretty cool!

Yah it’s real fun! You should come check it out. New show every week.

Ok I will! Sorry about reacting poorly earlier, i’m not really comfortable with all this instant nostalgia that we’ve been living in you know?

Yah man i totally hear you.

8/29 - TBD

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Wednesday August 27th - 10:30pm, Free (Donations Accepted) BYOB

Stephanie: yay! thanks!

  i’m excited

 me: So am i!

  i love it when good folks do shows with us!

  doesn’t always happen!

 Stephanie: i love the space

11:32 AM upstairs gallery, and places like it, are where the people are doing cool shit

11:33 AM me: yeah yeah yeah yeah!

  what should we call the run?

  like the place holder on the thing?

11:34 AM Stephanie: hm

11:35 AM Kill All Comedy

  just as a placeholder

  i’ll think of a better name in a bit

11:36 AM when do you need the money? just the night of, right?

11:37 AM or THE MUSEUM, curated by Steph Cook

  or something

  i’ll think it over…


 me: its kill all comedy for now

  whichi like a lot

 Stephanie: cool



Tonight! Making Out With Wes Perry and Friends!

Wednesday August 27th - 8pm, Free (Donations Accepted) BYOB

We asked Wes to host one more Making Out with Wes Perry and Friends before we close. He was nice (he is a nice boy) and said yes. Come see the show that was so magic it outgrew the gallery.

With Dorian Andrew Sa, Rebecca Krasny-Mccrackin, Nick Liebman, Joe Erbentraut, and more!

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